Dry self-priming universal pumps for a wide variety of liquids.

Our COMBISTAR consists of a material mix. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel. The pump body is made of aluminum. Therefore suitable for all liquids which also contain abrasives.

This type of pump offers a low-cost alternative to the NIROSTAR series to promote abrasive or slightly corrosive media such as contaminated fluids and debris.


  • cleaning machines
  • oil disposal
  • whitewashing stables
  • draining tanks
  • cleaning tanks
  • galvanizing tanks
  • draining waste oil
  • dispose off cooling lubricants

Find the right connection for each kind of application

Our impeller pumps* are offered with different kinds of connections.

*Only applicable for the models COMBISTAR and NIROSTAR.


COMBISTAR2000-A and B2001-A and B
Pump housingAISI 316 LAISI 316 L
Pump cover*AlMgSi1AlMgSi1
Pump shaftAISI 430 FAISI 316 L
Rotary shaft seal
Floating shaft seal
Impeller wheel: NBR - Perbunan®
Impeller: EPDM - Keltan®optionaloptional
Impeller: FKM - Viton®optionaloptional
Impeller: CR - Neoprene®optionaloptional
Impeller: Plasticoptionaloptional

* For UNISTAR and COMBISTAR: to protect the aluminium pump covers the pump chamber is sealed with stainless steel discs (AISI 316). The PTFE lids are covered by Ceramic discs on the side in touch with the fluid.

= standard,    = not available

Characteristic curves

Shows characteristic curves NIROSTAR COMBISTAR.
characteristic curves NIROSTAR and COMBISTAR