Drill driven Impeller Pumps

The pump series 2001-A and 2001-B are ideally driven with a drill. The shaft can easily be fixed to the chuck of each regular electric or cordless drill and screwdriver.

BOMA sticks together this easy.
Drill impulse

The pump is available in two versions


  • ZUWA makes efficient pump power available everywhere. All ZUWA pumps of the 2001 series can be powered with any regular electric or cordless drill and screwdriver, at any time, at any place.
  • Connect the shaft of the pump with the chuck. The depth stop of the drill fully stabilises the system and ready you are. Contrary to similar pumps on the market this pump is truly self priming. It has a metal body instead of plastic and a shaft with top quality ball bearing which guarantees a long lifetime.
  • All ZUWA impeller pumps are dry self priming from a depth of 3 metres, no pre filling required. The flexible impeller easily copes with solids in stained liquids.

Drill support plate

with regraded support and mounting feet
with regraded support and mounting feet

Adapter for drill

Drill adapter for connecting the pumps to all standard cordless drills or screwdrivers. Simple connection of the pump shaft to the chuck, fixation via depth stop
Drill with adapter on the screwdriver


  • UNISTAR 2001-A / 2001-B / 2001-C
    Universal pump with aluminium body (AlMgSi1) for clear or grey water without abrasive.
  • COMBISTAR 2001-A / 2001-B
    Pump for abrasive or slightly corroding liquids. Housing of stainless steel (AISI 316Ti).
  • NIROSTAR 2001-A / 2001-B
    Top quality stainless steel pump (AISI 316Ti) with a wide variety of applications, especially corrosive liquids.

Technical details

Drill powered pump Typ A Typ B Typ C
Flow rate max. 30 l/min 60 l/min 90 l/min
Working pressure max. 4 bar 4 bar 4 bar
Connections ¾“ 1“ 1¼“


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