Manual and electric drum pumps, container pumps and barrel pumps. Find the appropriate pump for diesel, fat, oil, etc.

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reliable and high quality barrel pumps - manually operated or electrically driven

Barrel pumps are perfectly good for filling and refueling with oil or propellants like diesel and gaosline or, in motor sports kerosene. A drum pump provides a lot more of flow pressure which leads to an increase of the flow volume. This allows a much quicker and more convenient process in comparison to letting the fluid run out of the higher stored barrel or container just with gravity.

Electrical driven barrel pumps and container pumps

You are looking for a barrel pump for AdBlue?

In our solution section you finde the "Fueling Systems for AdBlue". Alternatively to barrel and drum pumps you might want to have a look at Tanks and Tank Systems for AdBlue.

finden Sie die entsprechenden Produkte sowie alternativ auch Tankanlagen für AdBlue.

Hand pumps

ZUWA offers hand pumps for barrels and containers for diesel, oil and AdBlue. Hand pumps are the easiest but also most exhausting way to fill or refuel diesel, oil ir AdBlue. We offer crank handle pumps as well as piston pumps

Pneumatic pressure

We recommend pneumatic barrel pumps for use in workshops / garages since compressed air is typically accessible, and therefore eliminates the need for a separate drive component.


Elektrische Fasspumpen

Elektrische Fasspumpen

Elektrische Fasspumpen, betrieben mit Gleich- oder Wechselstrom.