Aspirate liquids completely

Powerful Pump

  • Sturdy
    The Flat Suction System is equipped with a heavy-duty ZUWA Impeller Pump. The pump is suitable for slurping action and tolerates a short dry run. The flexible impeller wheel is capable of transporting soil and solids within the fluid.
  • Versatile
    The pumps are not only suitable for water, but also for many different fluids like oil, heating oil, diesel and heat transfer fluid.

Suction Mat

Suction mat remove fluids within reach of the mat nearly completely. Flow channels in the bottom side improve the suction effect and take even small amounts of liquid. The water is pumped directly without intermediate storage.

  • Expandable
    Depending on the dimensions of the flooded area even several mats can be connected in parallel to one pump.

New and innovative! The drill supplied Scavenge Kit ELEPHANT. A must have for all service technician.
Suction Set ELEPHANT

practical accessories

Euro container

for easy transport and storage of pump and accessories.

Dry run protection

Sensor interrupts power supply when overheating. Restart with reset button after eliminating the fault. The dry run protection allows to pump with the Flat Suction Kit without supervision!

features table

Our Flat Suction System Overview

Flat Suction Kit Basic Compact Top Oil-Suction KitELEPHANT
Pump UNISTAR 2000-B* drill powered pump UNISTAR 2001-B
Pump carrying frame with rubber buffer
3 x 3 m spiral hose 1“ (with GEKA-coupling) 2 x 3 m textile reinforced hose ¾“ with hose fitting
Flat suction mat on option
Euro container with cover Transport box with lid 528 x 310 x 320 mm
Multi-purpose pump control
Multi-purpose sensor switch
Dry run protection (130100, 130120) on option on option on option on option
Fernbedienung Funk-Set (141005) on option on option on option on option
Art. No. 110150 110151 110152 101531101511
Art. No. - with COMBISTAR 2000-B* 110158 110157 110154 110155

*Flow rate: 60 l/min. On request pumps with higher capacity available (up to max. 96 l/min)

= standard,    = not available

different applications

  • The oil suction kit for the fire department. Perfect to dry your wet Basement with a damaged fuel tank.
    application example: firefighter
  • For flooded platform roofs we are offering the model with a COMBISTAR 2000-B. The housing, mainly made of stainless steel, is resistant to sanding and coating of the roofing.
    Flat Suction System in action

please contact our team for more details

solution components:

flat suction set basic

flat suction set basic

The Basic version pumps high amounts of wate, which makes it the ideal solution for private application.

flat suction set compact

flat suction set compact

The flat suction technic allows the complete drainage of fluids on large surfaces in many different applications.

flat suction set top with sensor

flat suction set top with sensor

The flat suction set COMBISTAR is perfectly suitable for the application in flooded basements or on flat roofs.

oil suction set

oil suction set

To change engine oil or to drain a damaged heating oil tank a stable and reliable oil suction pump is obligatory.

Suction Set ELEPHANT

Suction Set ELEPHANT

Our suction set is set up quickly and thanks to the handy drive by a drilling machine or battery powered screwdriver it is independent from power supply.