The electric motors (only 230V) of these pump types are provided with on/off/reverse switch...

... allowing the pumps to operate in both directions. Pumps optional available with bypass (regulating valve) for volume regulation. Versions Bronze and Stainless steel.

side channel pumps

The main principle of a side channel pump is a combination of the displacement pump and a centrifugal pump. Therefore side channel pumps are self priming when they are pre-filled with fluid and are, as versatile multi purpose pumps, capable of conveying liquids with gases and vapours.

side channel pumps as solution for special applications

Our side channel pumps are available in stainless steel and bronze. Depending on the material they are more or less suitable for different special applications. Expecially the food industry, including the dairy industry and the chemical industry as well as large agricultural facilities and industries use side channel pumps for many different purposes.

The electric motors (only 230 V) for our side channel pumps are equipped with a toggle switch, which enables the user to chose in which direction the pump is conveying. To control the flow rate there is option to equip the pump with a bypass valve.