ZUWA supports the Schmidt Ocean Institute on its research missions


Schmidt Ocean Institute, vessel FALKOR and ZUWA

"The purpose of this ship, as she leaves on her various missions, is to communicate about the science of the oceans to people so that they can care about it.  We can't take care of something that we don't understand and we can't care if we don't know." - Wendy Schmidt, Vice President of SOI.

ZUWA is proud to play a little role in the successful operation of the FALKOR during its most important research missions. Our Oceans are our future and the more we learn about them the better we can protect them.

The FALKOR crew uses ZUWA Impeller Pumps for pumping lube oil and coolants. Read more about the SOI and the FALKOR here: www.schmidtocean.org

We say - an organization worth any kind of support. Good Luck for all your projects!

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