Testing Drill pumps with JH Process Inc.

About JH Process Equipment Inc.:

JH Process is your source for quality filtration equipment: (general process pumps, chemical pumps), industrial filters, and valves. For more than 28 years, our customers have come to us not only for our wide range of chemical pumps & industrial filters, but also for help in solving complex application problems. They know we look at each application and recommend what’s best for them– even if it’s something that we don’t sell. They depend on us to help them with the right selection and to answer their questions.

Building strong relationships with customers is our hallmark. Our on-site support includes chemical pump and filtration seminars and product training to keep maintenance people up to date. Our service assistance policy, attention to detail, and quick response to problems with same day emergency service gives customers confidence that they’ve made the right choice.


Wherever liquids need to be pumped, the ZUWA drill pump is an unbeatable tool for craftsmen or service technicians and fits into any toolbox. The high-quality stainless steel pump shaft can be clamped in the drill chuck of any standard drill or cordless screwdriver and is thus ready for use in the shortest possible time. By selecting high-quality and robust materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, a wide variety of areas of application are possible. Be it pumping out manholes, emptying used oil canisters or, for example, refilling solar systems. The flexible impeller pump is dry self-priming, can pump solids along and is insensitive to air entrapment. It is spacesaving, quick to use and very durable.

Speaking of durability, JH Process wanted to provide their customers with a clear demonstration on the quality of a ZUWA drill pump....

So what better way then to drive over the pump with a 2400 kg. Jeep!  Afterwards the pump was tested and functioned without any problems.



BOMA Übersicht

UNISTAR 2001-A / 2001-B

Universal pump with aluminum housing for pumping clean fluids or fluids a bit soiled that are not containing abrasive particles e.g., heat transfer medium (glycol), oils, diesel, water, and coolant.

COMBISTAR 2001-A / 2001-B

Pump for abrasive or slightly corrosive liquids, also especially for used oil and waste water. Wetted parts in high quality stainless steel (NIRO 1.4404).

NIROSTAR 2001-A / 2001-B

High quality stainless steel pump (NIRO 1.4404) with many different application possibilities, excellently
suitable for corrosive media such as descaling or cleaning agents.




ZUWA is continuously working on the development of new innovative products. In close cooperation with our business partners, customer-specific solutions are developed, prototypes and special designs are tested and accompanied through all phases of the product realization process until they are ready for series production.

You can reach the ZUWA sales team at +49 8682 8934-50 or per email at export@zuwa.de. We would be happy to develop a solution with you that meets your requirements. Just contact us.

A big thank you to JH Process Equipment Inc. for providing this demonstration and photos. For all inquiries from North America please contact JH Process www.jhprocess.com for your ZUWA pump and spare parts needs. In addition you can visit their storefront on Amazon.