The EU Government is forcing Germany to change the German emission regulations to be conform with the EU law.

Ad blue Pumpe zum tanken von Fahrzeugen
Refueling DEF

In order to meet the todays Euro 6 standard, car manufacturers rely on the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) method. To comply with those EU emissions regulations, diesel vehicles with SCR systems require AdBlue® which has to be refueled at regular intervals.

However, the common AdBlue dispensers at petrol stations, which were installed in recent years, primarily serve the supply of trucks with larger AdBlue tanks. Due to the incompatible AdBlue dispensing valve, used by trucks the filling of small car tanks is currently not possible.

The filling of the urea with a canister is not comfortable and easy. Showing also lacquer damage caused by the contact with AdBlue.

For an efficient and easy fueling with AdBlue ZUWA offers a new designed refueling system.

For fast and automatic AdBlue refueling of cars and transporters/vans.

The new system fulfills all the requirements of the car shops and is easily transportable and allows a safe refueling of the vehicles with AdBlue®. The Delphin PRO consists of a sturdy chassis on which the AdBlue® barrels are located. Just push a button and the electro pump is starting. The vehicle is then fully refueled when the pump stops automatically. No overfilling and no dripping!

  • Universal ISO connector
  • Closed system
  • wheels can rotate 360°
  • for barrels with 60 or 200 liter
  • flowrate 3 or 10 l/min