Watering Unit F 120

with 120 liter container

The device is build upon a rugged carriage with a dry self-priming impeller pump and therefore suitable for the usage in parks, large gardens and cemeteries. The  combination of the quiet, batterypowered pump (battery not included) and the ZUMATIC pump control enables a comfortable application. The ZUMATIC pump control ensures that the pump is switched on and off when the watering pipe is opened or closed.

  • flow capacity: 30 (optionally 60) l/min
  • powered with 12 V or 24 V battery with min. 80 A/h

Also available with 200 or 300 liter container or for mounting on a cart. Optionally with plant protection legislation certificate available.


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Watering Sprayer F 120, 12 V with ZUMATIC pump control

Watering Sprayer F 120, 12 V
Art. Nr. 133004
Impellerpump UNISTAR 2000-B flow rate max. litres 16 l/min flow rate max. m³ 0,96 m³/h max. pressure 1,5 bar Inlet/outlet 1" mt Impeller Perbunan® (NBR) , Bush material Polyamid Shaft sealing ring Perbunan® (NBR) Material pump housing aluminum EN AW-6060/AC-43400 Electric motor Power Tronic Voltage (DC) 12/24 V, Nominal power 0,35/0,45 kW Rated current (DC) starting current 17/20, operating current 12/15 A Protection class IP44 , Operating mode S1 Motorshaft S-WE 14x58,5 Cable / plug complete with cover and plug (without cable) Equipment/Accessories : - Two-piece chassis w. jockey wheel and removeable handle - Rotating reel base for hose reel (hose rheel on option) - 120-Litres Tank, polyethylene - with ZUMATIC pump control and surge tank 8 l - For Battery drive (battery not included) - Without discharge hose Dimensions ca. 140 x 68 x 83 cm Battery need to be re recharged aftter 1000 l latest. When used for continuous operation, motor need to be cooled down after 3 fillings. On option: - Hand casting unit Art. 550008 - Battery 12 V (80 A/h) Art. 85954 - Hose reel 1/2", art. P601512 (without hose) - Hose transparent 1/2" art. 30040