Make use of rain and well water economically with a powerful domestic water supply pump of ZUWA’s!

Safe precious and valuable drinking water!

This is how it works?

From a well or a cistern the water is pumped into a pressure vessel and is saved there under exclusion of air. By using that water the pump is activated as soon as the pressure falls under a defined mark and the vessel is refilled up to the fixed pressure mark. This means, when only small amounts of water are used the pump does not start every time.

A domestic water supply pump of ZUWA’s usually contains three parts: A robust and powerful centrifugal pump, a pump control and a pressure gauge. The self-priming centrifugal pump can be fitted with an electronic or mechanical pressure gauge. We also offer an apt pressure vessel.

Why use a domestic water supply pump?

With the domestic water supply pump of ZUWA you are able to benefit by using the water available in your well, rain barrels and cisterns, in your pond or lake for a lot of applications around and in your house very economically. Should you need a higher water pressure for some applications, it can be regulated. The pressure vessel has to be chosen in relation to the kind of applications and consuming units required. Is it required for the watering of the garden or for similar uses, a pressure vessel of 12 or 24 liters is sufficient. You are welcome to contact us and we will help you to find the right set-up.

Which kind of domestic water supply pump to use?

For outside applications and the watering of the garden a centrifugal pump made of cast iron is suitable. For the water supply of bathroom facilities a centrifugal pump made of stainless steel is preferable.

How to mount the domestic water supply pump?

The mounting and fitting of the domestic water supply pump is usually easily and swiftly done. Please take note of the following tips:

  • The domestic water supply pump has to be set up in a frost-free and dry place
  • Electricity supply is required
  • The water conduit has to reach up to the operating point of the pump
  • Take into account whether the water will be used indoors or outdoors or for both
  • From which depth the water has to be pumped up
  • Up to which height the water has to be transported?

Range of applications of domestic water supply pumps

This illustration demonstrates possible uses of domestic water supply pumps and is no technical instruction!

1: Domestic water supply pump
2: Collection of rain water in rain barrel or cistern
3: Use of groundwater for outside shower or pool
4: Using water to wash vehicles (Please note: The sewage system needs to be equipped with an oil separator)
5: Watering the garden
6: Filling ponds


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Domestic water supply pump JET GP

Domestic water supply pump JET GP

Domestic water supply pump for rainwater harvesting

Domestic water pump JET

Domestic water pump JET

Waterpump made of gray cast iron for rainwater use in house and garden.


Domestic water pump CM

Domestic water pump CM

Waterpump made of stainless steel with pump control for the sanitary water use from house and garden