ZUWA`s special solution for Wind Power Plants

Befüllstation für Windenergieanlagen
Befüllstation für Windenergieanlagen

Filling station for wind power plants

For priming the cooling system of wind power plants (wind turbines), REpower Systems SE decided to use Impeller Pumps manufactured by ZUWA-Zumpe GmbH.

REpower Systems SE, a subsidiary of Suzlon Group, is one of the leading international manufacturers of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

This worldwide active machine building company develops, manufactures and distributes wind power plants for nearly every location, with power ratings from 1,8 to 6,15 MW. Rotor diameters measure from 82 up to 126 meters.

The Target

For service and maintenance tasks on the cooling circuit REpower searched for a portable, handy, and reliable solution. Their special requirement was getting a small and lightweight pump for convenient use in the narrow spaces of the wind turbines.

With the motor-driven, easy to handle ZUWA-Priming-Station, REpower is able to abstain from the hand-operated pumps used in the past.

The Solution

The main part of the set-up is the ZUWA impeller pump type UNISTAR 2000-A. This pump has been well-proven over many years in similar applications like charging solar heating systems with heat transfer fluids.

ZUWA impeller pumps are dry self priming, there is no need to fill them before starting the work. The flow rate of the UNISTAR-2000-A is max. 30 l/min. The pump body is made of aluminium, impeller and seal are made of sturdy rubber.

Individual Adjustment after Testing

After testing the station on site it was adjusted to the individual needs of the REpower.

A pressure regulation valve and a pressure gauge were integrated to make sure that the cooling circuit with a volume of about 40 litres always is filled with a constant pressure of 2 bar.

The tripartite hose set consists of 2 heat resistant hoses with three meters and 1 hose of five meters length, ideally adjused for this kind of use.

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