ZUWA’s Impeller Pump becomes part of a fully automatic device for pig feeding

weda nutrix

WEDA Damman & Westerkamp GmbH has developed a fully automatic feeding system for liquid feed for suckling pigs – the Nutrix+. A feeding device supplying various types of liquid feed automatic and targeted. Parallel, the Nutrix+ ensures maximum hygiene by its purification process using acids and bases.

A sensor recognizes, when the stock of feed is running empty and pumps new feed into a trough at adjustable speed.

For this specific application WEDA was looking for a pump able to convey feed as well as being compatible with aggressive cleaning agents.

A specifically manufactured NIROSTAR from ZUWA was the pump of their choice. The NIROSTAR, adjusted to flow rate and pressure, ensures a smooth transport of the animal feed and is resistant to approved detergents – the ideal solution for the Nutrix+.

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