ZUWA- fexible Impeller pumps

Dry self priming impeller pumps

ZUWA Flexible Impeller Pumps are DRY self-priming from a depth of three meters, easy to maintain and very cost efficient. The flexible Impeller makes this pump insensitive to solids in the fluid. Even fluids with high viscosity can be conveyed.

All models are available with our without motor (12, 24, 230 or 400 V). Impellers in various materials make it easy to adapt the pump precisely to the application, be it food, aggressive or corrosive or stained fluids. The powerful pumps provide flow rates from 3 up to 730 liters per minute. Containers are drained almost completely. Conveyance is gentle and almost pulsation free.

ZUWA Impeller pumps are the core of a number of systems, i.e. charging and flushing devices or flat suction systems. Or the oil changing kit, specifically designed for CHPs, makes replacement of motor oil in CHPs really convenient.

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