Regulate your ZUWA flexible impeller pumps by using your smartphone

The efficiency of machinery used is an important factor for plant operators, as increasing operating costs have become a topic of focus. By using a frequency converter, the motor speed is continuously adjustable to allow the regulation of capacity during the filling and dosing process. The adjustment can be made with the keypad of the frequency converter, via software with a LAN connection, or with an app using the Bluetooth connection of a smartphone or tablet.

Benefits from using a frequency converter

/ Motor speed continuously adjustable
/ Easy switching of direction from right to left
/ Integrated overload protection
/ Highly efficient energy use
/ Pluggable Bluetooth stick

Benefits from using the app

/ Real-time adjustment of speed and power consumption
/ Wireless operation via Bluetooth
/ Fault analysis with fault history
/ Save, load, and send parameterization
/ A 100 % compatibility to PC software

Download the app free of charge in the App Store / Google Play Store, install the connection and operate your unit effortlessly.

How does a flexible impeller pump work?

The flexible impeller turns within an eccentrically formed casing creating a suction via the flexing of the impeller blades, which draws the fluid into the pump casing. The medium itself acts as a lubricant between the blades and the casing, therefore minimizing friction and allowing smooth fluid transfer. In order to avoid possible damages to the pump it is recommended to install dry run protection to each flexible impeller pump by ZUWA.

1. Suction

On the suction side the compressed blades begin to straighten. The chamber space between each blade enlarges and creates a suction pulling the fluid into the pump.

2. Transport

As the impeller turns the fluid is positively displaced from inlet to outlet. Small solids are also able to be transferred freely through the chambers.

3. Pressure

On the pressure side the blades of the impeller begin to flex causing the chambers to shrink, therefore forcing the fluid in a constant flow out of the pump.


A multi-purpose pump designed for transferring clean or contaminated fluids. Not suitable for handling abrasive or corrosive fluids.


Particularly suitable for all fluids types containing abrasives. It is an economic alternative to the NIROSTAR series pump for transferring abrasive or slightly corrosive fluids.


A high quality stainless steel pump for use in various applications within industrial plants and production facilities. The appropriate choice for transferring corrosive fluids.


The synthetic impeller pump for a wide variety of applications in the chemical sector. Perfect for fluids with various viscosities, aggressive acids, bases, and solvents.

/ Ship Building / Biotechnology / Heating and Sanitation / Electroplating and Workshop / Agriculture and Gardening / Water and Waste Water Ttreatment / Beverage and Food Industry / Industrial, Mechanical, Plant Engineering, and much more