New: Versatile Pump Controller V10 Plus by ZUWA

Pumpensteuerung V10 PLUS

The new multifunctional control by ZUWA is a device for pumps with 230 or 400 volt up to 16 ampere. The controller can be used for various functions like water supply, pressure supply, watering, de-watering as well as protection for impeller pumps against dry running.

Different operating modes for various applications are available:

  • filling level regulation with one or two electrodes
  • regulation with electronic load control without electrodes
  • remote control with pressure switch, float switch or timer
  • compressed air supervision (quantity of air inside the surge tank) and signal out to compressor to fill surge tank when required

The new model is easy to handle and offers a various number of useful protective functions like integrated level control, dry running protection, phase failure, lightening protection as well as overload and underload protection.

The device avoids the pump from getting stuck after a longer out of order period by starting the pump shortly in a 24 hour interval. The pump's working hours and starts can also be checked with this new controller.

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