Fuelling Commercial Vehicles with AdBlue®


AdBlue® is a urea solution used for commercial vehicles powered with diesel. The solution is added to the exhaust gas stream to reduce the nitrogen oxide emission. A usual gas fill up of a tractor needs around 350 litres diesel and around 30 litres AdBlue®.

ZUWA offers a new fuelling set to pump the chemical easily into the provided tank of the vehicle. The new AdBlue® set is built for standard barrels with 210 litres content and consists of a flexible trolley with four swivel castors and a powerful, self-priming pump that can be hinged onto the trolley. The pump comes with six metres of discharge hose, nozzle with bracket and a suction hose with quick coupling and foot valve. All materials getting in touch with AdBlue® are specifically selected for this fluid.

The flexible station on wheels as well as the quick connections of the hose make it easy to exchange the barrel when it is empty. You just need to loosen the quick connections of the hose, exchange the empty tank with a new one, connect the hose with the new tank and the AdBlue® set is good to go again.

With a flow rate of 35 litres per minute and a pressure of 1.5 bar a fast refuelling of any vehicle is guaranteed. The unit is available with either manual or automatic nozzle and with or without flow meter.

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