CycleWASH – gently for environment and your bike!

Fahrradwaschanlage cyclewash
Sachin Kumar besides his CycleWash

cycleWASH, a Colgne based start-up , has developped a new, mobile cleaning system for bycicles 

The innovative unite provides a perfect, environmentally friendly result within 3-5 minutes, for all types of bicycles. Apart from that, CycleWASH is extremely energy efficient and water saving. The sytem needs only 0,5 liters of water per washing.

The compact design allows transport in a station wagon.

For the perfect cleaning result, a flexible Impeller pump made by ZUWA is installed. It cares for a reliable, permanent water supply to the brushes.
10 hours of permanent operation is no problem for the robust Impeller pump. The permanent water processing filters the grey water and returns it to the main basin.

cycleWASH is available in three different executions with ZUWA Pumps. 

A perfect example for an innovative, intellegent product "Made in Germany" -  reliable, efficient end evironmentally friendly.