Are your machines ready for the winter?

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Downtimes result in losses, because machines should be operable when in service.  To ensure that this is the case, you should make a thorough maintenance of your machines during the winter offseason.

This does not only include washing or blowing out the units, but also checking and maintaining the antifreeze level.

Upon refilling the antifreeze to its required level, it is important to turn the engine on and allow it to run so that the frost protection can be distributed evenly.  It is also of great importance 

to check your fuel tank.  When your machine is stored during the offseason (winter), it is important that the tank is full to avoid problems such as rust and corrosion caused by condensation.

You should grease your machines, not only when prepping it for storage, but also regularly during the year. (Viscotroll Diesel, page 24). As a result, you can significantly reduce your operating costs. Reduced down times and less mechanical damage will help to improve your bottom line.

However, what most people do not consider during maintenance is that the viscosity of the oil varies depending on temperature. For example, the SAE 90 gear oil has a viscosity of 700cSt at + 20 °C. If the temperature drops to + 10 °C, the viscosity of the oil goes up to 1800 cSt.

To avoid hassles with lubrication, it is highly advised to purchase the right high performance oil pump, or correct pump system.