TURBO FLOAT PUMP using a ZUWA drill pump

Emptying out the floats of seaplanes can be difficult and time consuming. However, with the help of a ZUWA drill pump, the company TurboFloatPump.com has taken on this problem with their own specially designed tool for fast and easy draining of floats.

The Turbo Float Pump is connected directly to the float connection via a special adapter, whereby the float is then pumped out with the help of a cordless hand drill. In addition, a kit is available on option with a water filter designed to stop invasive species from exiting the pump and invading new waterways.

The following video shows the TURBO FLOAT PUMP in action.


ZUWA is continuously working on the development of new innovative products. In close cooperation with our business partners, customer-specific solutions are developed, prototypes and special designs are tested and accompanied through all phases of the product realization process until they are ready for series production.

This project was supervised by Dan Bachrach. You can reach Mr. Bachrach at +49 8682 8934-47 or by e-mail at export@zuwa.de. For all inquiries from North America please contact JH Process www.jhprocess.com for your ZUWA pump and spare parts needs. In addition you can visit their storefront on Amazon

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